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Frost protection heating cable

Protecting outdoor pipe systems in your garden has never been easier with modern solutions. It's worth taking advantage of the opportunities offered by today's technology. This solution is simple, consumes minimal energy, is automatic, reliable, and doesn't come with significant costs, especially when you consider that it ensures the prevention of frost damage in your pipes for a long time.

One of the possible solutions is the self-regulating heating cable, which is used for frost protection in garden pipe systems, water pipes, and other outdoor pipes.

This cable automatically regulates its temperature, so it only operates when necessary, such as when the temperature drops below freezing. As a result, it minimizes energy consumption, only using power when truly needed.

Furthermore, the installation of frost protection cables is relatively simple and doesn't involve substantial costs. Therefore, it can pay for itself in the long run by preventing frost damage to your pipes.

If you would like any further information or advice regarding frost protection for your outdoor pipe systems, please don't hesitate to reach out to the experts at Dimat.


The guaranteed frost protection of outdoor faucets and irrigation systems can be better achieved than by wrapping pipes in various materials, creating all sorts of twisted, outdoor modern artworks. The solution is frost protection heating cable.

It comes with a cost, but a single burst pipe (not to mention potential additional damage, soakings, and wasted water) can easily exceed the cost of the appropriate frost protection heating cable.

The frost protection of water pipes or any other frost protection is done by attaching the electric heating cable to the pipe, for example using a zip tie. It is a specifically designed rigid outdoor heating cable, so there is no need to wrap it around the pipe. The heating element only activates when the temperature drops below a certain level (3 degrees Celsius).

The heating cable comes with a thermostat, and if the sensor is directly attached to the pipe, it activates based on the temperature of the fluid inside the pipe.

Frost protection heating cable installation:

  • The heating cable is delivered ready for installation.

  • Equipped with an automatic thermostat and a plug.

  • The product needs to be run along the pipes or faucet to be protected, and then insulated.

  • Connect it to the electrical network.

  • Plastic pipes need to be covered with aluminum tape before installing the heating cable.

It can be ordered in lengths of up to 60 meters. The automatic function turns on when it drops below +3 °C and turns off when it reaches +13 °C.

Double insulation for extra safety!

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