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Adax Clea Wifi glass heating panel

Adax Clea WiFi: Where Modern Technology Meets Elegance

The Adax Clea WiFi electric glass heating panel is not only innovative in the heating market, but also in the world of design. This device was created by designers who have elevated functionality and visual execution to a higher level.

Smart and Economical The panel’s WiFi capability serves not only comfort functions but is also advantageous in terms of cost-effectiveness. Remote control allows you to adjust the heating from anywhere, ensuring it only operates when truly needed. This optimizes energy use and reduces costs.

Stylish and Versatile The Adax Clea WiFi excels not only in heating technology but also in appearance. Its exclusive design allows it to find its place in any interior, whether it’s modern, traditional, or even industrial style.

Safety First Safety is a priority in every household. The panel’s tempered glass surface and overheat protection ensure the safety of you and your family during use. Double insulation and classification into IP24 touch protection guarantee that the panel can be used without issues in damp environments, such as bathrooms.

Energy-Efficient Choice Available in power outputs of 400, 600, 800, 1000, and 1200 Watts, the Adax Clea WiFi not only enhances comfort but also energy efficiency.

In summary, the Adax Clea WiFi electric glass heating panel is the perfect choice for those who do not want to compromise either style or modern technology.


ADAX Electric Heating: The Choice for Modern Heat Source

For those looking for a quick, stylish, and efficient heating solution for their homes, ADAX electric heating panels are undoubtedly the best choice.

Briefly, about the benefits:

Quick Installation: No more lengthy construction, remodeling, and mess. ADAX heating panels can be easily and quickly installed, and the heating system can be set up in just a day.

Reliability: Norwegian engineering knowledge and decades of experience guarantee quality. It is no coincidence that Norwegians have trusted ADAX products since 1948.

Style and Design: No need to compromise between functionality and aesthetics. With their modern and sleek design, ADAX heating panels fit into any interior.

Cost-Effectiveness: Although electric heating generally involves higher costs, the investment in ADAX panels can pay off in the long run, especially considering installation and maintenance costs.

Intelligent Control: The precise electronic control of ADAX panels allows for accurate temperature regulation, optimizing both energy consumption and costs.

Safety: The ceramic core heating element and electronic control ensure safe operation.

Warranty: ADAX offers a full 5-year warranty on all heating panels, attesting to their reliability and quality.

In conclusion, ADAX NEO electric heating panels are an ideal choice for people who do not want to make compromises in heating. They offer a modern, reliable, stylish, and economically viable solution for every home.