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230 Volt Paver Heating

Likewarm 300-400 W/m² Outdoor Heating Mat

This outdoor heating mat (230V) is the ideal solution for heating outdoor surfaces such as pavements, driveways, parking lots, and loading ramps. The good news is that this heating mat can even be embedded in asphalt: its design allows the outer cover to be halogen-free and flame-resistant (HFFR).

The heating mats are 60 cm wide and available in various lengths.

They can be easily installed without the need for fasteners, making the installation process significantly faster. To use them, you'll need a thermostat and a frost, rain, and snow sensor. It's essential to note that they cannot be used without a control thermostat.

It's advisable to install them in areas prone to icing or on sloped surfaces.

This product operates on a single phase (230 Volts), but we also offer industrial three-phase solutions in our range.