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Adax Neo Heating Panel

About this item

  • High quality. Modern design. The design of Adax Neo is simple, clear and durable. The front LED screen not only improves the appearance of the radiator, but also allows you to program and check settings or temperatures. The programming buttons on the right side of the radiator facilitate programming.
  • Functional control. The Adax Neo radiator has an integrated clock that facilitates its programming. The radiator can be easily programmed for weekly mode. There are 2 possible modes: home and office mode, with different temperature modes: comfort and saving mode (lower temperature)
  • Economical heating. Window Open Detection - Detects when windows or doors are opened for ventilation. If the room temperature drops suddenly, the radiator switches off temporarily so as not to heat the room during ventilation.
  • Efficient, fast and safe heating - The electric heater heats the room quickly and efficiently. The X-shaped aluminium heating element that does not burn oxygen and dust is mounted in the radiator.
  • Norwegian design since 1948. ADAX AS was founded in 1948 and has been known since its establishment as a reliable manufacturer of heating and other devices.