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Adax Neo Wifi heating panel

Adax Neo Wifi heating panel

ADAX NEO WiFi Heater Panel – The Norwegian Quality Touched by Modern Technology

ADAX, the pride of Norway, offers the warmth and comfort of homes in an elegant, modern heater panel.

Self-Control in Your Hands

Thanks to the ADAX NEO WiFi thermostat and its smartphone application, you can control it remotely. So, if you're on your way home, you can set the ideal temperature in advance, and your home will welcome you in a warm environment.

Efficiency and Cleanliness

The ceramic-core special heating element ensures efficient heat emission with no need for a fan, preventing dust disturbance, which is particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers. Moreover, the ADAX NEO operates quietly without disrupting daily activities and relaxation.

Sleek Design and Easy Installation

The ADAX NEO's slim design – whether it's 18 cm or 33 cm in height – is not only aesthetic but also space-saving. With the wall bracket, it can be easily and quickly installed, allowing you to enjoy warmth immediately.

Wide Range

Whether you have smaller rooms or larger spaces, the ADAX NEO offers models with power ratings of 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, and 2000W


Discover the ADAX NEO WiFi Heater Panel, where Northern quality meets 21st-century technology to make your home warmer and smarter. ADAX electric heater panels offer modern solutions to heating challenges.

Easy Installation, Premium Quality

Imagine a heating system that you can install in moments and trust for decades! Does design matter? We offer this – all at an affordable price, without drilling or digging.

ADAX - The Revolution of Electric Heating

Norwegians have known the advantages of ADAX for over seventy years. The proven quality, modern technology, and comfort are the perfect combination. It's no coincidence that chopping wood is not a popular hobby in Norway.

A New Dimension in Electric Heating

In today's world, electric heating is no longer a luxury. ADAX's technological advancements enable energy-efficient, predictable, and safe heating solutions.

ADAX NEO - The Pinnacle of Electric Heating

This heater panel is not only stylish and sophisticated but also stands out due to its low installation costs and quick setup. It combines modern technology with user convenience: precise thermostats, intelligent controls, and a 5-year warranty.

Revolutionary Technology for Comfort

The innovative ceramic-core heating element of the ADAX NEO guarantees efficient heat distribution, while electronic controls only heat as much and as often as needed. Additional energy can be saved with the economy features.

Why Do Experts Choose ADAX NEO?

Quick installation: Where there's electricity, the ADAX NEO can be put into operation in as little as a day. Cost-effectiveness: Forget about ever-increasing gas bills! Safety: Simple, secure, and predictable. Renovation: A quick and easy replacement for the old system. Reliability: 5-year comprehensive warranty for every panel! Discover the new opportunities offered by ADAX NEO electric heater panels!