Infra Dark Radiator JH-NR32-13A 3200W
Infra Dark Radiator JH-NR32-13A 3200W

Infra Dark Radiator JH-NR32-13A 3200W

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Ceiling and Wall Heating
2 years

18.9 cm
200 cm

6.7 cm
Operating Temperature
350-380 C°
infrared heater
Total Power
3200 Watt
Power / Amperage


Thermostat type
does not have a thermostat
Minimális védőmagasság
2.20 meters
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Infra Dark Radiator JH-NR32-13A 3200W

We are talking about the infrared dark radiator, a special heating device designed for industrial and commercial applications. This device can be used in various spaces such as workshops, warehouses, paint shops, refrigerated warehouses, carpentry workshops, sports facilities, changing rooms, and hospitality units. It can also be used as a patio heater, increasing its popularity in homes due to its versatility.

Due to recent developments, the infrared dark radiator has become an aesthetically appealing, sleek product with an aluminum frame (with painted black coating) and black color, harmoniously fitting into various interiors. Its surface is equipped with a special cleanable galvanized coating.

This device is available in various power versions, specifically 1000W, 1800W, 2400W, 3200W, and 4000W, allowing users to choose the model that best meets their needs.

The 1000W version is ideal for smaller spaces, while the more powerful models, such as the 4000W infrared dark radiator, are suitable for larger, open spaces, such as industrial facilities or sports complexes.

An additional advantage is that the device operates quietly, so it does not disturb the occupants of the room. It is naturally protected against overheating, and the temperature can be regulated, optionally with a programmable Wi-Fi thermostat.

Infrared Dark Radiator Infra Dark Radiator JH-NR32-13A 3200W

The infrared dark radiator is an industrial equipment with a public design. It is a versatile heat source primarily for assembly halls, warehouses, paint shop drying rooms, cold storages, and carpentry workshops. Additionally, it is recommended for sports facilities, locker rooms, catering units, and even as patio heating.

Recently, it is becoming increasingly popular in homes as well. Interior designers often choose it due to its easy placement. In the past, it didn’t really fit into a beautiful home in terms of form.

However, thanks to the developments of recent years, our range has expanded with a beautiful, clean product. Thanks to its aluminum frame (with painted black coating) and black color, it looks good and is not conspicuous. Its surface is provided with a special galvanized coating that is cleanable. It is attached to the wall/ceiling while maintaining protective height.

A significant advantage of the infrared dark radiator is that its operation does not produce any sound. It is naturally protected against overheating, but several, even programmable wifi thermostats are available for room regulation, optionally.

In most cases, the infrared dark radiator operates from a 230 V, 50 Hz network (i.e., it does not require industrial electricity), with a power of 1000-3200 Watts. The connecting cable is 2.0 meters long and comes with a standard plug. Its operating temperature is 250-380 °C.

However, there is a model operating with industrial electricity with a power of 4000 Watts.

By purchasing the product available in our webshop, you also buy comfort: the packaging includes all the necessary equipment for mounting.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power:
    • 1000-3200 Watts (standard models)
    • 4000 Watts (model operating with industrial electricity)
  • Operating Temperature: 250-380°C
  • Connecting Cable: 2.0 meters
  • Network: 230 V, 50 Hz (standard models), 400 V (industrial model)
  • Attachment: Wall/ceiling, maintaining protective height
  • Material and Coating: Aluminum frame, painted black coating, special galvanized surface
  • Optional Accessories: Programmable wifi thermostats


  • Types:
    • JH-NR10-13A
    • JH-NR18-13A
    • JH-NR24-13A
    • JH-NR32-13A
    • JH-NR40-13A
  • Power:
    • JH-NR10-13A: 1000W
    • JH-NR18-13A: 1800W
    • JH-NR24-13A: 2400W
    • JH-NR32-13A: 3200W
    • JH-NR40-13A: 4000W
  • Application Area:
    • Industrial, public buildings
    • Factories, warehouses
    • Paint drying rooms
    • Refrigeration rooms
    • Sports facilities
    • Dressing rooms
    • Restaurants
    • Balconies
  • Operating Temperature:
    • All types: 380°C
  • Size:
    • JH-NR10-13A: 600x189x67mm
    • JH-NR18-13A: 1000x189x67mm
    • JH-NR24-13A: 1500x189x67mm
    • JH-NR32-13A: 2000x189x67mm
    • JH-NR40-13A: 2000x189x67mm
  • Rated Current:
    • JH-NR10-13A: 4.3A /230 Volt
    • JH-NR18-13A: 7.8A /230 Volt
    • JH-NR24-13A: 10.4A /230 Volt
    • JH-NR32-13A: 13.9A /230 Volt
    • JH-NR40-13A: 10A/400 Volt

User Manual

suspended from the wall or ceiling
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