WiFi Dark Radiator JH-NR10-13W 1000W
WiFi Dark Radiator JH-NR10-13W 1000W

WiFi Dark Radiator JH-NR10-13W 1000W

Ceiling and Wall Heating
2 years

18.9 cm
76 cm

6.7 cm
Operating Temperature
350-380 C°
infrared heater
Total Power
1000 Watt
Power / Amperage


Built-in thermostat
yes, built-in
Wi-Fi thermostat
Thermostat type
digital Wi-Fi thermostat
Minimális védőmagasság
2.20 meters
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Infra Wi-Fi Dark Radiator

We proudly present our latest product equipped with a thermostat. It can be controlled through a mobile application, and the package includes a remote control and all the necessary installation equipment. Available in power options of 1000, 1800, 2400, and 3200 watts.

The dark radiator infrared panel is an industrial device designed for versatile use. It serves primarily as a heat source in workshops, warehouses, paint shops, drying rooms, refrigerated warehouses, and carpentry workshops. Additionally, it's recommended for use in sports facilities, changing rooms, hospitality establishments, and can even be envisioned as a patio heater.

In today's times, it is gaining popularity in residential settings as well. Interior designers appreciate its easy placement due to its versatile design.

In the past, it didn't quite fit into the aesthetics of a beautiful home.

However, thanks to developments in recent years, our range has expanded with an elegant and streamlined product. With its aluminum frame (coated with painted copper) and black color, it presents itself well and is unobtrusive. The surface is black with a special galvanized coating that is easy to clean. The back is made entirely of aluminum. Installation is done on the wall or ceiling.

An important advantage of the infrared dark radiator is that it operates silently. It is naturally protected against overheating, and for room regulation, there is a programmable Wi-Fi thermostat available.

In most cases, the infrared dark radiator operates on 230 V, 50 Hz (meaning it doesn't require industrial power), and its power ranges from 1000 to 3200 watts. The connecting cable is 2.0 meters long, and it comes with a standard plug. The operating temperature ranges from 250 to 380 °C.

However, there is also an industrial model operating with 4000 watts.

Available in versions with remote control and Bluetooth speaker.

With the product available in our webshop, you're not only purchasing comfort but also convenience: the package includes all the necessary installation equipment.

Our prices are gross prices and include the general sales tax.

Far-infrared radiant heater is produced by unique design and manufacturing technique. The heat is spread in the form of radiation emitted from radiant panel surface and transferred to people, wall, floor, ceiling, furniture etc, like sunshine. Radiant heating will not lead to air convection; the air remains fresh and clean. It maintain s indoor relative humidity and heat distribution. The radiation panels are made by special aluminum alloy.

Performance Features

Comfortable: No wind, light or odor will be caused during operation, so the indoor air is clean without floating dust.

Energy-saving: High heat generation efficiency and good heat radiation effect saves power and energy controlling the temperature intelligently.

Reliable: The indoor temperature can be adjusted freely.

Physical therapy: Heat radiant can change body micro-circulation, cell organization under skin producing resonance adjusting and balancing the nervous system.


Working Condition

Ambient temperature: -30℃

Rated Voltage: 220-240V~

Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Relative humidity: less than 95%




Type JH-NR10-13A JH-NR18-13A JH-NR24-13A JH-NR32-13A
Performance 1000w 1800w 2400w 3200w
Application Industrial, public buildings. Factories, warehouses, paint shop drying rooms, refrigatory rooms, sport facilities, dressing rooms, restaurants, balconies.
Operating temperature 380 celsius
Size 600x189x67mm 1000x189x67mm 1500x189x67mm 1500x189x67mm
Rated current 4.3A 7.8A 10.4A 13.9A
User Manual

suspended from the wall or ceiling
Article No.
6.1 kg/pc
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