Heating mat for warm flooring

Underfloor Heating Mats: The Best Heating Solution for Warm Flooring? There are various forms and technologies of electric underfloor heating, also available in Dimat's product range. Underfloor heating mats and infrared heating films are popular options.

By all indications, this is the solution of the future, as electrically operated heating systems do not require complex pipe installations, boilers, chimneys, or the complicated (and costly) renovations and permits associated with them. Moreover, they provide an extremely safe and perfectly clean operation.

Among the underfloor heating mats, there are different types, such as those that can be embedded in the leveling layer or Aluminum underfloor heating mats installed with dry installation. Aluminum underfloor heating mats are specifically designed for laminated parquet and strip parquet, while for vinyl flooring, we should consider underfloor heating mats embedded in the leveling layer.

Properties of the Heating Mat The aluminum heating mat is an easily and quickly installable solution, and the electrical connections should always be handled by a qualified professional.

The heating mat can be used both as a supplementary and primary heating system. DIMAT offers heating mats in three different performance levels, available in various sizes, from narrow corridors to spacious living rooms.

Installation is fast and simple. After installation and laying down the flooring, it can be used immediately. It guarantees comfortable and cozy warmth.

The control of the heating mat is carried out by a thermostat that measures the floor surface and air temperature separately with sensors, allowing programmable control of its operation.

Advantages of the heating mat:

  • Easy and quick installation, a pre-assembled product that doesn't require additional wiring hassles.

  • Floor heating in places where other solutions might not be feasible.

  • Optimized consumption.

  • Complete electromagnetic shielding.

  • Short heating-up time.

  • Minimal increase in floor level compared to other floor heating systems.

  • The heating mat is an excellent choice for electric underfloor heating under laminate flooring.

  • Even heat distribution.

The circumstances and requirements dictate which technology is the most suitable. Consult the experts at DIMAT, and together we can plan the optimal heating solution.