Heating mat for cold flooring

Underfloor Heating System with Heating Mats: Advantages

Building and renovating an apartment involves numerous tasks and challenges. One key consideration is the heating system. This is a long-term decision. With today's advanced technologies, an efficient underfloor heating system can be created through the integration of heating cables and heating mats.

Why is the underfloor heating system beneficial? There are several advantages to implementing underfloor heating. These include energy efficiency, comfort, a modern and straightforward solution. It's also worth considering the installation for new constructions and renovations.

Heating Mat By installing a heating mat along with heating cables, you can create an electric underfloor heating system that is ideal for heating cold coverings. The installation process is simple, and the result is a high level of comfort and a warm floor.

Advantages of the heating mat The advantages of the heating mat include its high efficiency, which allows it to replace almost any heating system. They require no maintenance and are suitable for almost any type of covering. Additionally, they are simple, safe, discreet, and versatile.

Types of Heating Mats The 100w/m2 power is ideal for supplementary tempering heating or for use as the main heating in well-insulated and passive houses. The 150w/m2 power is the most common application, even in well-insulated buildings, it is used in wet rooms. The 200w/m2 power is suitable for poorly insulated cottages and high-ceiling uninsulated apartments for bathroom heating.

Available power types:

Heating Mat 100 Watt/M2 Heating Mat 150 Watt/M2 Heating Mat 200 Watt/M2 Installation of Heating Mat Under Cold Coverings It's advisable to entrust the installation of heating mats and underfloor heating to professionals. Our company has already modernized and made the heating systems of over 25,000 customers more efficient. If you still have questions about heating mats or even heating cables, don't hesitate to contact us using our contact information. And if you're interested in installing heating mats and underfloor heating, request a quote!