Terrace Heating

Infrared Radiant Terrace Heating

Are you also tired of stepping out onto the terrace in the harsh winter, unable to peacefully enjoy a coffee or tea as the wind blows through your clothes? It's impossible to sit down; practically, after 5 minutes, you have to go inside the house. Essentially, we risk catching a cold every time. But if you want to enjoy the sun-soaked regions of Mediterranean countries even in winter, all you have to do is use outdoor terrace heaters. You can comfortably dine, wine, and party under it, no need for blankets as the wind won't blow out the radiant warmth.

Extend the summer season on the terrace with infrared radiant devices. With our wide range of infrared heaters and terrace heaters available in various versions and power levels, you can easily achieve comfortable staying in otherwise cold areas. High-quality infrared radiant heaters are usable indoors, on terraces, or in industry, providing pleasant warmth. They can be mounted on the ceiling or wall, meaning the desired area can be heated very efficiently and quickly.

With the pleasant infra radiant heat, which warms up the body and objects similarly to sunbeams, we can experience an extremely good sense of warmth. Radiant heaters are ideal for terraces, verandas, lounges, workshops, garages, wellness zones, above jacuzzis, winter gardens, balconies, hobby rooms, smoking rooms, garden rooms, etc.