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Towel Dryer Electric Radiator

Towel Dryer Electric Radiator

Elegant, sleek, and highly efficient radiators for the bathroom. The electric towel warmer not only dries and preheats the hung wet clothes and towels but can also be an excellent heating solution in the bathroom for every home.

If we load it very full with towels, of course, the heating performance will be lower, and the product's function to fully heat the room will not be as effective.

Its curved and straight models, thanks to the velvety white finish, fit perfectly into any bathroom design. Thanks to its built-in thermostat, it allows for precise temperature control, and it comes with various convenience features to aid everyday use.


The towel warmer operates on electrical power but not on a convection basis like a heating panel or traditional radiator.

However, special, modern towel warmers like the Corsaire and Riva models from the long-standing French manufacturer are filled with a special heat-conducting fluid that provides excellent heat transfer.

The expansion of the heating fluid is small, and the heating element is factory-designed to provide expansion space, ensuring uniform fluid flow without excess pressure.

The fluid at the bottom of the vertical collector tube is heated by an electric heating cartridge, setting the fluid in motion, causing it to flow through the entire heating tube structure, with warmer fluid moving towards cooler fluid. Consequently, the heating element heats up in a matter of moments.

The bathroom is a unique environment, so heating appliances used here must meet special requirements. First of all, no one stays inside for most of the day, or only for very short periods. Then, during bathing, we use the space for longer periods. Naturally, it's a wet, humid space.

For most of the day, it's advisable to heat at temperate temperatures, but when we use the space, it's good for it to quickly reach a comfortable temperature. This requires special heating needs compared to other rooms in the home, necessitating a different type of power determination.

Differences and features of electric towel warmers: For Corsaire models: a 2-hour "boost" for rapid heating, "24h" auto for programmed comfort (it starts the "boost" function once a day at the same time automatically), curved design, and manual control located at the bottom of the heating element. For Riva4 models: equipped with an LCD display thermostat allowing for weekly programming, with a frost protection feature and a timer turbo mode. The radiator has a linear design, with the digital control located in the middle of the heating element.