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Proper insulation is crucial for any energy-focused renovation or investment. Don't let the heat escape; instead, put it to work where it's needed most!

The importance of building insulation is confirmed by guidelines based on various standards and local regulations. This is particularly true for newly constructed houses, which contribute to a more sustainable environment.

In the Dimat range, construction panels primarily aim to improve the quality of underfloor insulation, thereby enhancing the efficiency of floor heating. These construction panels are made of closed-cell extruded polystyrene (XPS) with high compressive strength and water-repellent properties.


The insulation of buildings has become the number one renovation solution today. If a property lacks proper insulation, it's the quickest way to achieve the greatest benefit, especially when considering reducing utility costs and increasing comfort.

XPS is particularly good for perimeter insulation because of its extrusion process, making it a closed-cell insulation that repels water, unlike EPS, which is moisture-absorbent.

In Dimat's current range of construction panel sheets, the middle part is made of XPS, with the difference that glass fiber mesh is attached on both sides using a special adhesive, making the product as hard as a concrete slab but as lightweight as a feather pillow. Moreover, its soundproofing effect is not insignificant! The positive side effect of insulation is that sound doesn't easily pass through between insulated spaces.

Dimat offers insulation sheets in various thicknesses and standard sheet sizes, making them convenient for use. They are excellent for both internal and external wall thermal insulation.

Furthermore, in the range, you can find the SecuraMax Aquastop XPS underlay insulation sheet, designed for laminated parquet flooring, which is an essential part of the electric underfloor heating system. It combines three functions:

  1. Water resistance from below.
  2. The XPS underlay layer, which is necessary for laminated flooring.
  3. A heat-reflective layer that significantly improves the efficiency of underfloor heating.

If you haven't already, take a look at our range of electric underfloor heating solutions! Combining insulation with such a device can be very efficient, cost-effective, and greatly enhances the comfort of the given space!

Before purchasing insulation solutions, it's also worth consulting with our colleagues to ensure that the best solution is installed!

For more information, don't hesitate to contact Dimat's experts!