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Heating film

Warm up the floor of your home or office with Dimat's electric heating films! Simple, non-disruptive installation, optimized energy consumption, clean operation, high comfort, low maintenance needs, and long-lasting use. It's an excellent supplementary heating solution, and in modern, energy-efficient buildings, it can be used as the primary heating source economically.

The heating film forms the foundation of the electric underfloor heating system and is designed for specific floor coverings, including laminate and engineered wood flooring.


The heating film, or heating foil, is even thinner than the heating net and perhaps an even simpler floor heating solution.

It is often referred to as "infra film" or "infra heating film." The terminology can be somewhat misleading since, in the case of floor heating, the heating film will warm the floor itself. This is in contrast to, for example, a wall-mounted infrared heating panel, which directly heats the furniture or the people in the room.

The heating film is used to temper the floor and thus heat the indoor air, significantly increasing comfort.

In the case of a heating film system, a certain layer structure must still be followed, which includes a heat-reflective insulating layer at the bottom and it is essential to place a vapor barrier protective foil on top. Even so, we can implement the floor heating system in an extra thin layer.

Dimat's heating films are among our most popular products, available in almost any width from 25 cm to 1 meter and in lengths as needed. The performance of different types ranges from 80 to 220 W/m2.

It's an ideal supplementary tempering heating system, or even as a primary heating system for modern buildings with proper insulation, and passive houses.

It provides an extraordinary sense of comfort in living rooms, offices, with evenly heated floors.

Some additional reasons to choose heating films and heating nets (H1):

  • High efficiency, cost-effective operation.

  • With proper programming, we can achieve an energy-efficient system.

  • Almost instant noticeable effect.

  • Specifically designed for laminated flooring.

  • Thanks to floor sensor controls, it is a safe system that cannot break, burn out, or explode.

  • Discreet, does not take up space.

  • Involves only a few millimeters of elevation.

  • Different widths are available for precise adaptation to the area to be heated.