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Outdoor thermostat

Outdoor thermostats monitor the outside temperature; when combined with special sensors, they become essential tools for de-icing gutters, pipes, taps, heated garages, sidewalks, paving stones, and other outdoor tools and elements. As a result, the outdoor de-icing system only operates when the temperature and moisture conditions require it. This is an essential condition for economical and efficient operation.

The Dimat thermostat range consists of quality and reliable devices.


Thermostat for Outdoor Surface and Gutter Frost Protection

Outdoor surface heating and gutter frost protection are controlled with thermostats equipped with external sensors. These sensors measure the temperature and humidity of the surface or gutter to be heated.

In our product range, you can find both single-zone and dual-zone controllers. With the dual-zone controller, two heating circuits can be combined, for example, heating for a driveway and the surface in front of the garage. However, you can also control surface heating and gutter frost protection with a single controller.

Thermostat for Freeze Protection of Water Pipes

The outdoor thermostat is an excellent choice for protecting outdoor water pipes. This device ensures efficient power usage, as it only activates when necessary. You can adjust the desired temperature using a manual dial, or we recommend a digital thermostat for our customers. With the help of an external temperature sensor and digital display, you can program the desired value accordingly. These thermostats perform well in large farms and zoos for regulating water supply to drinking troughs.

In our product range, you can find suitable devices for various applications. Our colleagues are at your disposal, and we suggest consulting with them before making a purchase to find the most suitable solution.