Thermostat type

Infra Dark Radiator

If you want to heat up a space with high ceilings, a warehouse, or a workshop, quickly and easily set up heating above a workstation, or enjoy the warmth on your own terrace that you can conveniently regulate with a remote control, then this product will be the most suitable solution. This product does not emit any light, unlike other outdoor infrared heaters.

Its distinctive and modern design fits perfectly into your home, office, or even the outdoor area of a restaurant. The infrared heater is an almost unbeatable solution for creating a sense of comfort in spaces with high ceilings and on terraces, as it doesn't waste energy heating the air but instead radiates pleasant warmth directly to the body and surrounding objects.



The infrared dark radiator is one of the exciting innovations in modern electric heating systems. It was initially used to heat large industrial halls, warehouses, and similar spaces. Over time, the technology and design became more refined and applicable to everyday use. Thanks to the latest product lines, their strong localized heat effect can now be effectively utilized in offices, homes, and hospitality establishments.

In the Dimat range, you can find suitable products for both industrial and the most sophisticated home use. These dark radiators come with a painted copper-coated aluminum frame and their elegant black color can be a wonderful addition to indoor aesthetics. They can be simply plugged into a power outlet or hardwired if using multiple units. For industrial use, there are also three-phase models available.

Another significant advantage is that they produce absolutely no noise – not that electric heating devices are known for being noisy, but infrared radiators are truly silent.

Rooms heated with dark radiators create a different sense of warmth, a kind of cozy feeling, similar to standing next to a ceramic stove. Through remote control and Wi-Fi, they offer an energy-efficient solution, whether used as the main heating source or as a supplementary tool. You can adjust not only the power but also access timer and programming functions.


  • Innovative and energy-efficient
  • Short heating-up time
  • Provides excellent comfort
  • Operation is noise, dust, and light-free
  • Programmable and compatible with digital thermostats; or thermostat-controlled with Wi-Fi capability, eliminating the need for a separate thermostat purchase
  • Easy installation with all necessary elements included in the package
  • Available in various sizes and power options, including single and three-phase models