Snow Melting Heating in Pavers

Likewarm 300-400 W/m2 Outdoor Heating Mat

This outdoor heating mat is designed for outdoor surface heating, including under paving stones, driveways, parking areas, and loading ramps. The good news is that this heating mat can even be embedded in asphalt. This product has been developed with an outer jacket made of HFFR (Halogen-Free Flame Retardant) material, making it flame-resistant.

The heating mats, which are 60 cm wide, are available in various lengths.

They do not require fastening elements, significantly reducing installation time. To use them, you will need a thermostat and a freeze-rain-snow sensor, and it's essential to know that it cannot be used without a control thermostat.

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Likewarm Outdoor Heating Mats

Likewarm outdoor heating mats are ideal for heating driveways as snow and ice melt systems, especially for surfaces with a thickness of more than 3 cm, such as ramps or driveways. They can even be applied to just the track surface. The pre-made Snowtec and Likewarm heating mats, measuring 6-8 cm, are perfect solutions for outdoor heating, and they do not require fastening elements. Thanks to precise outdoor thermostats, you can efficiently heat your driveway.

Ramp and road heating for paving stones or tar.

The heating cable is excellent for snow and ice melting as well as ramp heating. This system can solve the pedestrian and vehicle traffic on driveways, steps, and sidewalks at hospitals and ambulance stations during the winter months. The heating system consists of a heating cable, an automatic controller, and, if necessary, fastening elements.

What are the advantages of using ramp and road heating?

Road heating can make driveways, sidewalks, and stairs safe, preventing ice and slippery conditions. Ramp heating can also prevent material damage and slip accidents, creating a safer business and family environment. The system operates completely automatically, with small sensors installed. If it's cold but there's no precipitation, it simply won't turn on. Using this system, you can avoid spreading salt or any chemicals that can damage the surface and the environment, which is mandatory in some Western countries.

What is the power consumption of road and ramp heating?

For traditional outdoor surfaces (concrete paving stones), you should calculate with a power output of 250-300W/m². By designing the heated surface size correctly (track drawing), you can reduce energy consumption.

Lifespan and warranty

Heating cables generally come with a specified lifespan and warranty (20 years full warranty on heating cables, including repair work if necessary. The lifespan of the heating system can be 30-50 years or more).

Choosing the right heating cable for road and ramp heating

To achieve optimal heating, the required quantity can only be determined through precise calculations based on the surface and power requirements. The general "this should be enough" approach unfortunately doesn't work.

Important technical information: Laid cables must never be cut, extended, or crossed with each other! The ohmic and insulation resistance of the laid cables must be measured before and after installation.

Cables cannot be laid at ambient temperatures below -5°C.